IVAO ID Special Operations

Briefing Room

Welcome to IVAO Indonesia Special Operations Briefing Room. This page intended to give details of the upcoming Special Operations event held by IVAO Indonesia. Stay tune!

Mission Preparation

Before you joining our mission, learn the situation and register yourself here using your IVAO credentials. The mission will be informed here.


Mission Award & Completion

You'll get SO Point for IVAO SpecOps Division Award after you accomplished the mission, book position / callsign then join the mission based on briefing, check your point at this page!


ID Special Operations Department

Sky Guard Indonesia

The Only one of the IVAO Official Special Operations Group in Indonesia. Our group was created in 2015 as a virtual military group that simulate Military & Unusual Operations in Indonesia. We also will not allow the simulation of any form of aggression or war.


Join the mission, record your point, and know more about IVAO Indonesia Special Operations!